Posts by an official FAWL chapter account do not count for purposes of determining the grant award for this challenge, although we do encourage chapters to share their members’ posts to their chapter social media accounts.  Posts that will be counted for purposes of the grant award must be made by members (male or female) of the chapter on their personal social media accounts and be about any professional achievement or accolade of another woman.  The woman who is the subject of the post does not have to be a FAWL member.  Members can post multiple times but only posts about different women will count for the purposes of determining the winner of the grant.  Posts will only be counted for purposes of determining the winner of the grant is they contain #FAWLseesher. 


There are four chapter categories: Large, Medium, Small, and Rising.

Large chapters are those with 200+ members* and can win $1,000.

Medium chapters are those with 75-199 members* and can win $750.

Small chapters are those with 21-74 members* and can win $500.

Rising chapters are those with 5-20 members* and can win $250.

The member who posts the most within the winning chapter of each category will receive a $75 visa gift card or a free base membership renewal for 2021-2022, whichever the member chooses.

*Members are those whose membership is active as of March 31, 2021 and chapter categories will be determined as of the membership numbers on March 31, 2021.