FAWL’s mission:  To actively promote gender equality and the leadership roles of FAWL’s members in the legal profession, judiciary and community at large.  To achieve these goals, FAWL will uphold the highest standard of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession, promote reform in law and facilitate administration of justice. 

Thank you for your interest in an affiliate membership with the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.  Affiliate membership may be offered to major or sustaining corporate sponsors.  In addition, the Board of Directors may award an affiliate membership in its sole discretion to non-lawyers who share the mission of FAWL and demonstrate a commitment to its principles.  Affiliate members are afforded many of the same benefits afforded to FAWL members but as non-lawyers, affiliate members are not permitted to vote or hold office.  Affiliate membership is limited by the Board and is not guaranteed to any applicant. 

Affiliate membership is divided into two categories:

(1) Business affiliates – individuals or businesses who are committed to the mission of FAWL and whose membership in FAWL may enhance business connections and opportunities in the legal community.

(2) Legal community affiliates - individuals who are directly connected to the legal community (for example, paralegals, legal assistants, law office or court administrators, clerks of court, etc.) who are committed to the mission of FAWL and who seek membership in FAWL primarily for individual professional development.

All persons seeking affiliate membership must submit the attached application.  If an application for affiliate membership is approved by the Board, it will be contingent on the payment of membership dues.   The dues for a legal community affiliate member will be the same amount as dues for a general membership—currently $45 plus the applicable chapter dues.  The dues for a business affiliate member will be $300.00 plus the applicable chapter dues. 

In determining whether an affiliate membership will be granted, the Board may consider the following nonexclusive factors:

  • The applicant’s connection to and involvement with the legal community.
  • The applicant’s history of commitment to the mission and goals of FAWL.
  • The applicant’s prior contributions to FAWL, either financial by way of sponsorship or in-kind contributions, or by providing services or support to the organization or its activities.
  • The applicant’s involvement with any FAWL chapter. 
  • The applicant’s ability, willingness, and potential to partner with FAWL to advance the mission and goals of FAWL.
  • The potential benefits the applicant will receive from FAWL membership. 

Please fill out the Affiliate Membership Application, with specific attention to the factors listed above or other information you feel would help the Board determine whether an affiliate membership is merited.  Your application will be placed on the agenda for the consideration at the next available board meeting. 

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate member please contact FAWL at 866.241.3295 or [email protected].