Join us for an interactive, informative, and spirited class schedule filled with programs designed to help you grow your Chapter, reduce the administrative burden on your board, and elevate your members!

$45 for FAWL members




12:00 – 1:00    FWL 2021: Orientation to FAWL

Lesson 1:  FAWL’s Member Advancement and Promotion (MAP) Committee Presentation.  Learn how MAP works to elevate your members to the bench, bar, and positions of leadership.

Lesson 2:  Did you know that FAWL has several Grant Programs for our Chapters?  Learn about our programs and get advice on how to submit a competitive application to bring valuable dollars to your Chapter.

Lesson 3:  FAWL Presents several annual awards to chapters, members, and leaders in our community.  Learn how to submit a competitive awards application package to shine a spotlight on your work and celebrate your members.

1:00 – 1:10    FUN 101: Tailgate!

Join us for a FAWL-U Tailgate! Open your Conference Care Packages and get to know your classmates!

1:10 – 2:00    ZOM 2021: Zoom Like a Professional (CLE)

Of course, we are used to attending virtual events, but what are some best practices for hosting virtual events for your members? Learn how to engage (even the dreaded black boxes of Zoom), how to set-up a great Zoom event, and how to make it interactive and fun for all involved. Virtual events are here to stay in some form, so let’s make them as profesh as possible! 

2:00 – 2:40      FIN 1040: Chapter Finance & Accounting.

A presentation and overview of corporate filings, chapter taxes, and other administrative filings necessary to keep your Chapter growing strong!

2:45 – 3:05      RUL 1080: Robert’s Rules of Order

Meetings are more enjoyable, quicker, and more efficient when everyone knows the rules.  Join us for an overview of Robert’s Rules of Order. FAWL makes rules fun!

3:10 – 4:10      CHB 3500: Chapter Building.

GROUP PROJECT ALERT (But the good kind, where everyone does their part!). Breakout sessions on best practices for social media, fundraising, and growing your membership.  Breakout sessions designed for idea and best practice sharing and brainstorming with one another!

4:15                 Pep Rally

Show your school spirt as we celebrate the 2020-2021 FAWL Award Winners. Celebrate the end of a productive class with friendly competition’s, FAWL Trivia, and more! 


9:00 to 11:30   Board Meeting